Stay connected & secure with Satelitrak.
Satelitrak by Kevadiya is revolutionizing the world of fleet management for Prisons with its cutting-edge technology and comprehensive suite of features.

Designed to empower organizations to monitor and manage their fleets with unparalleled precision, Satelitrak offers real-time tracking capabilities that keep you informed about your vehicles as they enter and exit designated geofence zones.

This advanced solution enables fleet managers to optimize routes, enhance operational efficiency, and ensure timely deliveries, all while maintaining a bird's-eye view of their entire fleet.
In addition to its powerful tracking capabilities, Satelitrak takes driver experience and safety to new heights with its intuitive driver tablets and constant dashboard surveillance.

By providing drivers with easy-to-use, in-cab technology, Satelitrak streamlines communication between drivers and dispatch, improving response times and reducing the risk of miscommunication.

The constant dashboard surveillance not only ensures compliance with safety regulations but also enables fleet managers to monitor driver performance and swiftly address any concerns or issues that arise.
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