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April 7, 2023
Asset Scheduler and Ad-Hoc Updates
Release Web Application

Admin Portal

The New Asset Scheduler also receives a major overhaul in this patch, streamlining the process of scheduling and managing vehicles, drivers, and other transportation assets. Key updates include:

- Replaced Driver Schedule with new Asset Schedule.
◦Support sharing vehicles between different drivers and services during a day.
◦Added tools to help identify scheduling violations when changing schedules.
◦Search window tool allows finding available resources.
◦Schedules  can  be  created  from  the  perspective  of  a  Driver,  Vehicle  or  Service  to  assist  indifferent use cases.
▪For example:▪I  want  to  find  an  available  vehicle  for  driver  as  well  as  decide  which  service  to  assign them due based on un-scheduled trips.

▪I want to utilize an unused vehicle by searching for a driver who has not been assigned any  work  yet  as  well  as  finding  a  service  that  has  un-scheduled  trips  that  need  to  beassigned.
▪I  want  to  find  an  available  vehicle  and  driver  to  add  them  to  the  schedule  so  that  I  can schedule un-scheduled trips for a service.
◦View schedules by vehicle or driver.
◦View schedules for a week or a day at a time.
◦View  assigned  runs  for  the  selected  date  while  updating  a  driver’s  schedule  to  help  theschedule be aware what is already assigned.◦Enhanced audit logging showing a detailed breakdown of changes made.

•Change  -  Due  to  the  changes  with  the  Asset  Schedule,  vehicle  service  has  been  renamed preferred service.

•Enhancement  -  Improved  readability  of  several  trip  audit  logs  that  contain  distance  and  time information.

Cost Models
•Enhancement  -  Added  support  for  fractional  cents  to  cost  model  cost  per  minute/mile  to  allow modeling certain government rates.

The Ad-Hoc Report Builder has been redesigned to provide a more intuitive and efficient user experience, allowing transportation agencies to easily create custom reports in a matter of minutes. With this update, users will benefit from:

Reporting Adhoc Reporting
•Enhancement - Release Adhoc Reporting 2.0
◦Updated design.
◦Added a new report type, crosstab.
◦Added PDF rendering for crosstab reports.
◦Renamed previous report type to datatable.
◦Added teams to allow easily scheduling reports to send to a group of people.

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