KVD Application Framework

Kevadiya has allocated significant time and resources in developing the Kevadiya Application Framework, a modular approach to application development. The KVD Application Framework (KAF) was developed in part to expedite the Development, Certification and Compliance processes for building Solutions.

Back-end Services

  • Open Source Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Couch DB
  • COTS Databases: SQL Server, Marklogic, etc.
  • 3rd Party Software Integration

Modular and Reusable Objects

Task Management

Permission based Authorization and Authentication System

Searching and Indexing

Reporting and Statistics

Government, ID Card based Authentication

Survey / Rating / Commenting

User Activity Logging

Rule based User Notification

Assets and Documents Management

Modular and Reusable Objects


  • Secure Network Architecture
  • FedRAMP Compliant Cloud with existing ATO
  • Continuous Monitoring
  • FIPS-140-2 Compliant Data Encryption
  • Auto scaled with 99.99% uptime

Open Source Technologies

  • Front-end: Angular 2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Android, Apache Cordova
  • API: Swagger
  • Backend: MySQL, PostgreSQL, Java Stack

Back-End Application Interfaces
(Creation of REST API)

Swagger provides automatic code generation from the API spec with support from multiple languages. API spec can be used to drive the API documentation.

Core Modules

FedRAMP specifies security requirements for ATO certification.  Help support Security provided includes Requirements (such as user PIV, user authorization, and activity logging. Addition modules provide for Asset & Document Management (including search and indexing), and Task Management.

Web Front-end

Built upon Open Source technologies including Angular 2, HTML, CSS, JavaScript to provide building of GUI’s based upon 508 compliant themes.


Built on Amazon AWS which allows auto scaling of capacity up or down as desired based upon workload. Suited for applications that have stable demand patterns or that experience demand changes based upon time of day/week/month.

Kevadiya’s certifications include:

KAF Reusable Architecture

The Kevadiya Application Framework is based upon Open Standards and provides a Reusable Architecture for implementing 508, FedRAMP and ATO compliant applications. Leveraging existing modules, Kevadiya has also built application specific coding modules to strengthen the flexibility and usability of the KAF Framework.

KAF is an Open and Modular architecture built upon open standards such as:

  • AngularJS – Front-end web application framework
  • ‍Swagger – API Framework
  • ‍HTML/CSS – Building web themes
  • JasperSoft Community – Charting & Reporting

Strengths of the KAF architecture include:

  • Resilience to Changes
  • Robustness
  • Scalable
  • Built on Open Source Technologies
  • Modular and Reusable Objects
  • Built to Last

Kevadiya Adherence to Agile Practices

Agile Software Development & Program Management

Kevadiya employs and adheres to the Agile Software Development and Program Methodologies to insure flexibility, innovation, simplicity, quality and solutions built to the client specifications

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