Prisoner Transportation Tracking

Satellite Vehicle Tracking and Scheduling System
Trust and reliability are at the heart of Kevadiya's partnership with the DOJ Bureau of Prisons. Our satellite fleet tracking system exemplifies our dedication to delivering secure, high-performance solutions tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Kevadiya's commitment to continuous improvement and the implementation of the latest security measures ensures that the Bureau of Prisons can focus on their core mission, while we handle the complexities of secure fleet tracking.

With Kevadiya by their side, the DOJ Bureau of Prisons can rest assured that they have a steadfast technology partner committed to keeping their operations secure and efficient.

5 Core Strengths of Our Solution  

End-to-End Solution:

Kevadiya's comprehensive approach to providing a complete suite of tools – from hardware on the bus to driver tablet controllers and dispatch monitoring solutions – ensures seamless integration and optimal performance. This all-inclusive system simplifies fleet management while maintaining the highest standards of security and reliability, setting Kevadiya apart as a trusted partner for organizations seeking robust satellite tracking solutions.

Advanced Encryption and Security Measures:

Kevadiya's system is designed with security at its core, implementing state-of-the-art encryption technologies and stringent access controls. This emphasis on safeguarding sensitive data ensures that organizations can trust the system to protect their information while benefiting from real-time satellite tracking capabilities.

Reliable Satellite Tracking:

Kevadiya's satellite tracking system uses ORBCOMM and offers exceptional reliability, ensuring accurate, real-time data is consistently available for efficient fleet management. By utilizing cutting-edge satellite technology, Kevadiya's system allows organizations to have a clear and comprehensive view of their fleet's location, movement, and status at all times.

Integrated Panic Button:

The inclusion of an integrated panic button in Kevadiya's system demonstrates the company's commitment to safety and security. This feature allows for immediate alerts and rapid response in emergency situations, providing an additional layer of protection for drivers, passengers, and assets.

Scalable and Adaptable Platform:

Kevadiya's satellite tracking system is designed with scalability and adaptability in mind, ensuring it can meet the changing needs of organizations and adapt to new challenges. This flexibility not only ensures the system remains relevant and effective but also underscores Kevadiya's dedication to providing solutions that prioritize security and reliability for the long term.

Why the BOP relies on Satellites


Enhanced Coverage: Satellite vehicle tracking systems offer more extensive coverage compared to cellular-based solutions, especially in remote or rural areas where cellular networks may have limited or no signal. By utilizing satellite technology, vehicle tracking can be maintained consistently regardless of the location, ensuring seamless monitoring even in areas with challenging terrain or infrastructure.

Improved Reliability: Satellite-based tracking systems are less prone to disruptions caused by network congestion, outages, or interference. This means they offer a more stable and reliable means of communication, ensuring that vehicle tracking data is always accessible and accurate, regardless of network conditions on the ground.

Increased Accuracy: Satellite tracking systems often provide more precise location data compared to cellular-based solutions. By relying on a network of satellites orbiting the Earth, these systems can triangulate a vehicle's position with a high degree of accuracy, allowing for better fleet management and more informed decision-making.

Faster Data Transmission: Satellite tracking systems can offer faster data transmission speeds, especially in areas with weak or congested cellular networks. This allows for real-time vehicle tracking and monitoring, providing fleet managers with up-to-date information on vehicle locations, routes, and status, enabling more efficient operations and faster responses to potential issues.

Greater Independence from Local Infrastructure: Satellite vehicle tracking systems operate independently of local infrastructure, such as cell towers or landlines. This means that they are less susceptible to localized disruptions, such as natural disasters or maintenance work, ensuring continuous and uninterrupted vehicle tracking capabilities. This independence makes satellite tracking a more resilient and reliable option for organizations that require consistent and dependable fleet monitoring.
Advanced satellite tracking system is built upon a foundation of exceptional security measures, ensuring that sensitive data remains safeguarded at all times.

By implementing industry-leading encryption technologies and stringent access controls, we provide our clients with the confidence that their information is secure while they reap the benefits of real-time, accurate fleet data.

Furthermore, our system boasts an integrated panic button, emphasizing our dedication to safety and providing an additional layer of protection in emergency situations.
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